Digital Controls Technology
Digital Controls Technology
29 Sep, 2018 / By cumminsoneworld

Not All Controls Are The Same

lntegrated Controls vs Supervisory Controls

n 1995, Cummins Power Generation introduced the first fully integrated PowerCommand® digital controls across its entire range of commercial generator sets. These microprocessor-based controls are the industry’s only total integrated platform which is capable of integrating engine, alternator control and protection functionality into a common system.  

Unlike other manufacturers, Cummins products are designed as a single system, not individual components of a larger system. This single integrated control system can control prime mover and generator and provide other control functions that increase reliability.

As part of PowerCommand power systems, digital controls combine generator, transfer and controls technologies into the only pre-integrated system designed by one manufacturer- Cummins Power Generation, to provide a single source of accountability for peace of mind to our customers.

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